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7 Ways Marketing will Change in 2020

With the growing advancement and evolution of modern technology, you can expect the things that are driven by technology to move at the same pace. Digital marketing is one of those things that is going to get affected by the way technology is advancing in 2020.

With advanced technology, new tools, and changing algorithms, digital marketers are frequently pacing up with the advancement just to keep up. It’s necessary to stay aware of the continuing trends to remain at the top of the game.

Here are the top 7 marketing trends that are shaping up in 2020:

1. Users are more concern about Privacy, Social Responsibility, and the Digital World

Users or consumers are the core to any business and they keep shifting their mindsets about what they prefer and care and how! With the growing technological advancement and global warming, consumers are highly concerned about their privacy and are now more careful about their social responsibility.

Consumers are more vocal about their data privacy and expect reassurance. As per a survey consumers feel they do not have any control over their crucial data and they do not know how companies assemble this information. This is especially relevant to giant companies like Google, Facebook, and NAB as it all has witnessed data breaches at some point in time.

Today consumers are also more socially responsible and eco-friendly. They care about the impact of a product and also are aware of the corporate responsibility of the company. This is the reason more buyers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products, and many are not ready to purchase any product as it is not aligned with its brand values and ethics. This is more visible amongst the Millennial and Gen Z.

2. Visual Content will Rule the Roost

The importance of content marketing cannot be ruled out even in 2020. But there is a sharp shift when it comes to content and people would be more inclined towards viewing and enjoying visual content than just text.

People are watching more these days than reading the long-form content. You can expect more visual content in 2020 with loads of creativity. You can expect more infographics, animations, videos, graphics, short-form texts and loads of eye-popping visuals on almost all the platforms.

They are looking for more purposeful and best-quality content. Nowadays marketers are putting their audience’s requirements and preferences first over their brand messages. You can expect more focused content offering thought-provoking and valuable content to their consumers than churning out anything just for clicks or search engines.

3. More Actionable Posts Encourage to Buy

Today every consumers or buyers are also using social media. This ubiquitous nature of social media has become a huge market place for companies. Be it Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, all these social sites are becoming tremendous marketplace for business as people are now purchasing the products using the app. As per a survey, nearly 70% of Pinterest users use this platform to find new products.

This trend has made the task of merchants easier as they can use the power of such platforms to reach and attract more customers for your products. Whatever platform you might have been using, almost all of it offers e-commerce stores to the businesses to promote shoppable content, so that the users can also be diverted to their e-commerce stores directly from their posts.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the last year, AI has witnessed a great surge along with machine learning. Now in 2020, you can expect this concept to trigger more. Given its vast usability, many global B2C marketing professionals has also catapulted their budget data and analytics approach, including AI. Artificial Intelligence will continue to elevate user experience with more augmentation driven products.

In the future, you can see AI redesign the products that are gaining entry into the market like self-driven cars. You might also see some self-driven cars to hit the market, of course at their nascent stage. These self-driving cars are based on technological modules that are expected to get assembled in the coming years.

5. SERP Position Zero is the Core

In 2020, the No. 1 position in SERP will carry almost nil weightage and businesses would not run to vie this position anymore.

The top position in SERP will now be position zero, where you will find a featured snippet of content visible above the search results. This will offer information about the search query and often also display a link to the page from where the information is taken.

This position zero will be the first, and often the only result that a few users can see. This information will be highly lucrative and it will be the focus of the marketing efforts of every business.

6. Chatbots will be big hits (Bits and Bots)

In 2020, expecting more bits and bots will become a reality. A report released by Hootsuite, Facebook expects 80% of mobile users are going to use one or the other mobile messaging app by 2020, which will lead to more marketers and companies using this platform or apps to sell their products to converse with their prospects via messaging apps. You can expect more and improved customer service, chatbots and sponsored messaging contents shortly.

This will save the time of businesses to search their prospects elsewhere to interact with them directly. On various messaging platform, such chatbots are a great hit just like Facebook messenger or website live chat. These live chats have bots that directly talk with the visitors of the website or the users and help them with all the possible assistance and help them buy online also. These bots are particularly found on e-commerce websites where businesses can sell their products and services without manual interference. All the work is automatically done by the bots.

7. Voice and Mobile Search

Usually, we all spend nearly three to four hours every day on our mobiles. Considering this fact, you can expect to see a steep elevation in mobile and voice search.

It’s time now to make your business website more mobile-friendly so that the pages can be indexed for better SERP. Considering this, Google has introduced Mobile-first-Index where Google will consider the mobile version of the website first to index its pages and ranking. That means, if your business website is not mobile-friendly or your site is not appearing great on mobile or if your mobile website is not having enough content, it may not rank your business in desktop and mobile both the search results thus leading to poor online business.


So, in 2020 the marketing trends are going to change altogether offering new advanced technology and tools to market your product effortlessly and easily without spending a fortune.

-Mamta Sharma

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