Small Enterprise Business Awards

The Small Enterprise India Business Awards is a prestigious and comprehensive program that supports and recognizes small businesses across India.

Since 2010, Small Enterprise India has been at the

forefront of connecting the SME community in India

through road shows, online and print that inform,

inspire and stimulate. Small Enterprise India Business

Awards, a truly principled and ethical platform by

setting the highest standard in judging criteria. 

Offering a unique opportunity to highlight India’s

most outstanding SMEs, the awards seek to recognize

the hard work that business owners contribute to

the local community in generating employment for

millions of Indians, as well as their contribution to the

Indian economy.

The awards are the pinnacle of business success. They recognize the values associated with successful businesses. These values include service, commitment, leadership, endurance, courage, innovation, performance, persuasion and generosity.

It is our mission and absolute commitment to help create an environment where you can thrive. We at Small Enterprise India                                                                        Business Awards encourage you all to nominate for 2019.After you have picked                                                                      up your trophy at the Small Enterprise India Business Awards night, we will                                                                            publish the Awards event details in Small Enterprise Magazine and Online, to                                                                          document and showcase the works of winners and finalists. The publication has a                                                                    huge readership with its print and digital editions, read by SMEs, corporate                                                                            decision makers, Banking and Financial institutions, Govt policy makers across                                                                        India, providing an invaluable and unrivaled source of information and inspiration                                                                    to many and giving you, your chance to stand out as India's next Entrepreneur                                                                        Star.


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